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7 Money Myths #1

The Myth Of Scarcity

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Video #1
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In this first video I talk about the most common limiting belief (or myth) about money, which is the belief in Scarcity. This belief is reflected in sayings like: “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “waste not, want not”. I’m going to talk about where these beliefs came from, and why they can kill your hopes and dreams of Abundance.
Now enjoy the video!

No Upsells

Also, in case you’re wondering…NO, I’m not going to try to sell you anything (except maybe the book if you haven’t already bought it!). There’s no upsell at the end of this video series. This is just 100% content.

My Intention

I made these videos to get you thinking and hopefully start a conversation with you about The 7 Money Myths, and how identifying and overwriting them can help us all shift into that life of Abundance that we so desire and deserve.