Chapter 1

My Story

From Riches to Rags ... and Back Again

Chapter 2

Our Belief Framework

I'll Believe It When I See It

Chapter 3

Myth #1: Scarcity

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

Chapter 4

Myth #2: Time = Money

Time is Money

Chapter 5

Myth #3: Work = Worth

You Have to Work Hard for Your Money

Chapter 6

Myth #4: It Takes Money to Make Money

The Rich Get Richer, While the Poor Get Poorer

Chapter 7

Myth #5: Easy Come, Easy Go

Money In, Money Out

Chapter 8

Myth #6: Money Won't Make You Happy

There's More to Life than Money

Chapter 9

Myth #7: Money Corrupts You

Money Is the Root of All Evil

Chapter 10


As Yout Think, So Shall You Be


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